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2 months ago
@brfootball @AlAhly For the first time that Egyptian notice they are African .
12 months ago
Angelina is a South Sudanese refugee.

She is one of more than 800,000 people who were affected by the devastating floods in Sudan which damaged shelters and left 100 people dead.
24982 months ago
Keep the faith, guys. We’re gonna win this.
18098119090682 months ago
It all comes down to this.

Go vote: http://iwillvote.com
140671289042 months ago
@ReverbNation Great🔥🔥💙
2 months ago
🎙 In today’s music industry, it’s very possible to receive great press without a publicist. Here's how ➡️ https://bit.ly/2YTPMr5
292 months ago
@TwitterBusiness Nice improvement 👍
1Long time ago
@DoeBoyOfficial @WFP
Long time ago
She is widely known as 'Mama'
She has the gift of being a great listener
She is a humanitarian with a big heart

Her name is Salome, and for many South Sudanese refugees, she is their first moment of safety. #RealLifeHeroes https://bit.ly/3h92KaB
1766Long time ago
@JAYVERSACE Don't forget #BlackLivesMatter
23Long time ago
133Long time ago
@Jmeast2solid It was dope 🔥
11Long time ago
@FoxNews #BlackLivesMattters
1Long time ago
27Long time ago
19Long time ago
950Long time ago
@mreazi @YouTube 😇
Long time ago
@yousuck2020 Good job 👍
1Long time ago
3Long time ago
4Long time ago
@KevinHart4real The media won't show this
5Long time ago
11Long time ago
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